About the band

Rough Round the Edges comprises:

Andy John Kitty Kitty Louise
Andy Savage
12-string Guitar, Vocals,
5-string Banjo, Harmonicas
John Herbert
Mandolin, Mandola, Tenor Banjo, Flute, Whistle, Vocals
Kitty Herbert
Suzie Williams
Flute, whistles, keyboard
Louise Savage
and descant recorder
Andy is our main vocalist and guitarist. He has written several beautiful songs in his own gentle style, and he also has a love of traditional folk songs.
John is a veteran
of Irish traditional
music and songs
since the 60s - a great fan of The Dubliners and The Chieftains.
Kitty, a very dedicated musician and former teacher,
was inspired to take
up the violin after
hearing Boys Of The
Lough in 1998
Suzie is so happy to be back playing live music with the band. Louise provides percussion and sound effects, and is increasingly adding nice melodies on the recorder.